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Business Coaching

Business Coach

3 reasons why you might need a business coach

Because you are already good but want to push yourself to be better.

It's very easy to get lost in doing the job and upgrading systems and procedures, that you forget about upgrading your own skills and knowledge.  We will work with you to identify and areas for improvement and help you focus on developing specific aspects of your own performance and knowledge. 

Your business does not generate enough profit to justify your efforts 

Many small business owners and managers are 'busy idiots', spending hours each day engaged in important but often unnecessary tasks.  We help you identify and focus on the true priorities of your business and your role to help maximise time-management and increase profits.  Where necessary we help you learn to delegate and dump tasks that are either not part of your role or are not critical to the success of your business.

You have lost sight of where the business is going and why 

It is very easy to get stuck in a rut where you repeat what you have always done and get left behind as the world, and your customers, changes.  We will ask you the difficult questions you have been avoiding and challenge you to take action to ensure your company is the first one your clients look too and to keep you in touch with the world outside your office window.

New Business Development

Following on from the Yeovil College 'First Steps in Starting your Business' we have developed a full programme of short courses and longer development plans designed for the new business owner or manager.

Topics covered include:

Registering your company
Naming and branding your company
Finding customers and lead generation
Know your competition
How to market your company
What to do when you hire in staff
Finance and budgeting for the small business