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Social Media Management

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Confused by all the options?

Whether you are an expert Tweeter or a total technophobe, we will help guide you through selecting the most appropriate social media platforms for you business sector and customers, and will help you learn how to use them to reach new and existing customers effectively and efficiently.

Not every platform is relevant to your business and it is easy to get caught up in all the hype and waste time, effort and money on the wrong platforms.

We will guide you through the pitfalls of setting up your pages and will ensure that you get the best response right from day 1.

If you already have social media in place - no problem!  We will analyse you business pages and make sure they are working together for you and provide a tailored package to ensure that best results.

It is important that you remain in control at all times so we will provide training and guidance at all stages.  Topics covered include:

  • Why you need a Social Media Strategy?
  • Which platforms should you advertise on?
  • What, when and where should you post?
  • What your customers are really looking for.
  • What are your competitors doing better/worse than you? How to maintain/regain your competitive advantage.
  • How to find and keep your audience engaged.