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Client Testimonials

Laura Pennington

Amazing strategy meeting today with Jo. She got me to spill all of the info from inside my head onto paper and into a format I can use to plan and communicate! Thank you so much, I’ve been trying to do this myself for too long!!!!

Laura Pennington, Not Just Travel

Richard Howes

I've worked with Jo for a number of years from both a partner collaboration, customer and supplier perspective, so I'm in the privileged position to see Jo's various skills and multiple talents. However, I believe her core attributes of highly skilled, determination, commercial savviness and most of all easy and friendly persona, shines through regardless of our type of working arrangement. Jo is one of those rare breeds that combined all these skills with an excellent 'can do' attitude. Anyone looking for a committed person/company to take their business marketing to the next level will do well to have Jo at the helm...highly recommended.

Richard Howes, Kontrolit

Amanda J Card, CPFA, PSLCC, BA(Hons), BSc (Open)

I have had the pleasure of working with Jo for over 14 months. Initially she was contracted for the provision of social media for Love Yeovil, it quickly became clear that Jo could provide so much more than this. Jo developed a marketing strategy for Love Yeovil and assisted on the Website strategy and selected a website provider. Jo displayed passion in our brand and more importantly help the brand develop and succeed.
Through her vast network links, Jo has enabled Love Yeovil to build links with businesses.
Jo certainly is very innovative within her thought processes and this has enabled progressive thinking which has assisted in future proofing Love Yeovil. When Jo is thinking she is not only thinking about now, but also the longer term. She is an excellent problem solver and so not to overwhelm breaks down problems into manageable chunks with solutions to complement.
Jo has proven that her methods of engagement are fit for purpose, whether it be social media, electronic or face to face. What I have discovered with Jo, is that her communication matches perfectly the needs, skills and abilities of her audience. She can talk high level jargon but she can also simplify her discourse in a deferential manner, meaning that whomever she is communicating with goes away from the experience empowered with knowledge and answers.
Jo is a hard worker and delivered exactly what Love Yeovil required and more. She is a very professional in her approach, honest yet diplomatic making her comments very constructive.

Amanda J Card, CPFA, PSLCC, BA(Hons), BSc (Open), Yeovil Town Clerk

Alison Stephens

I have engaged Jo to assist us with the long overdue marketing strategy we as a business so badly needed. She has been amazing and has hit the ground running very fast for us. What I like about her service and work is that she is very knowledgeable, creative, commercially focussed and a has a thorough understanding of how to connect the marketing strategy to the sales targets. I would highly recommend Jo.

Alison Stephens, Austen HR

Yvonne Lehman

I have known Jo for over two years now, and she is such a positive person! She is always encouraging me to reach my potential and be the best that I can in my new business.  I go to Jo with many questions in regards to marketing and how to run my business, as I trust her to point me in the right direction.
She is honest , and very knowledgeable in generating more customers for my shop and future website.  She is a great communicator, and has a lot of patience, when it comes to explaining technology to me, as I am from the old school, and she is so up to date with the latest news and ideas coming out.
I thoroughly recommend Jo to businesses, she takes time with you, and really works hard to make you and your business the best it can be! I vote for Jo!!

Yvonne Lehman, Just Bears UK

Sarah Attwood

Jo is fantastic! She has such a deep range of skills that go beyond marketing into the marvellous world of brand strategy including creation and development. Spending time with Jo really helped me get some of the jumble out of my head onto paper. We swiftly worked through it using different techniques to identify the core of my business, to understand my values and to prioritise the most appropriate next steps. Honestly it was a breath of fresh air talking to someone so knowledgable about brand strategy and who completely understood what I was trying to do and say. I feel empowered, supported and pushed to deliver on my goals and dreams. Very much lookng forward to working with you again soon. Thanks Jo

Sarah Attwood, Thrive Health and Wellness

Dean Holloway

Jo has provided excellent support during my first year of business. I have engaged Jo for numerous projects during this time ,including social media campaigns, general marketing advice and on a consultancy basis. Jo has become part of my team and has been a fantastic benefit to my business. As with most new businesses the first year can be a challenge but with Jo's support and guidance I have been able to drive the business forward. Jo has always exceeded my requirements and has been a great sounding board too! Her knowledge and experience of both the media, marketing and consultancy sectors are brilliant and Jo always very passionate about her work which is very important to me! Jo will continue to be part of my growing business and I recommend you speak with her to help your business grow and maintain focus! Thank you Jo Reynolds

Dean Holloway, Holloway and Gauntlet Insurance Services

Brian Doige

Jo is a very competent and committed marketer, who always strives for a high standard. For example, Jo produced one the best strategic marketing plans that I have seen to date.

Brian Doige, Chair of the South West Regional Board of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)