What is marketing consultancy and who needs it?

Released On 8th Apr 2024

What is marketing consultancy and who needs it?

Is your business not seeing any progress with your marketing? Are you finding it hard to identify where things are going wrong?Marketing Consultancy

It can be hard to think of fresh ideas and realise which stage of your strategy needs improvement without the right expertise and insights. This can be frustrating for those putting in the time and effort to spread brand awareness and grow their business - but seeing no impact.


This is where a marketing consultant comes in!


What is a marketing consultant?


Marketing consultants help people/businesses looking for new ideas in their marketing, which is achieved through guidance and developed strategies. They have prior knowledge, skills, and experience in successful campaigns which enables them to efficiently identify issues and offer feedback for necessary changes.


They can either work with you to develop your current strategy, or work on a brand-new one. Within their role, they will analyse the effectiveness of the current techniques, research into their client’s audience and competitors, and use these to build tailored plans.


Marketing consultants will be able to work closely with you to thoroughly understand your current challenges, your ultimate marketing goals, and your target audience.  Their focused efforts and personal approach enables effective collaborating and communication.


Who needs one?


Marketing consultancy can be beneficial to a range of businesses and people, some of which include:


·      Small businesses

They are usually unlikely to have a marketing team, meaning their campaigns will be less successful due to a lack of expertise. Also, marketing can be time-consuming which is an issue when there are small numbers of staff.


·      Start-ups

Starting a new business is a challenging task when it comes to establishing yourself against the competition. Therefore, a helping hand within the initial stages can advance the launch of products/services.


·      Individuals

Individuals with job roles such as musicians/artists/authors may require assistance in promoting their work and developing a personal brand. It is even harder for a single person to balance all of their roles at once, so external help frees up more time.


·      Established Companies

Over time, you often get used to your ways of doing things and get caught in routines. Therefore, an opportunity for a fresh perspective can generate new interest and attract more of your target audience.


What are the benefits?


We’ve discussed what a marketing consultant does and who may need one, but what actually are the benefits? Marketing Discussion


·      Extensive Knowledge & Experience

They will know about digital marketing in depth, meaning they will be up to date with social media platforms and trends, the most effective tools, and how to directly target your audience.


·      Time-saving

You can save time on marketing and work on the other crucial areas of your business and personal life! In addition, working with a marketing consultant removes the need for onboarding and training processes that would be required if you recruited your own marketing team.


·      Industry Connections

They can provide numerous opportunities to work with others because of their networking within the marketing industry. This could range from additional marketing individuals/companies, to online influencers, or securing media coverage. As a result, they can collaborate other experts to give you the best service possible.


·      Cost-efficient

It can be cheaper to use a marketing consultant as opposed to hiring your own marketing team. In addition, they can have subscriptions to programs your

business may not have, removing the need to invest in them and the associated training expenses.


·      Access to Resources

They’ll have experience with tools, software, and resources that can help with various aspects of marketing. Whether it's analytics platforms, scheduling tools, or design programs, consultants can provide access to valuable resources that businesses may not have internally.


·      Staff training

The internal teams and employees within the business can learn a lot through guidance, training, and observation. Additionally, having a marketing consultant can positively impact the businesses’ internal views on marketing.


In summary, businesses looking for help with marketing should consider hiring a marketing consultant. With their expertise, fresh ideas, and tailored strategies, it can be a good way to boost your brand awareness and growth! 


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