Justelle - Providing a Common Sense Approach to Marketing

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Providing a Common Sense Approach to Marketing

Our consultancy services are aimed at helping you generate more customers and communicate with them effectively, building lasting relationships that generate more business.

Services available include:

  • Finding customers for the new business
    Finding those first customers is the hardest part of many new businesses. Knowing where to position yourself to reach the right customers and deciding on the correct starting point can be stressful and time-consuming without the right guidance.
  • Strategic Planning and Delivery
    Once you have the idea, building a plan and schedule can seem impossibly daunting. We will help you at all stages, from setting objectives, looking at opportunities and deciding on appropriate strategies, through to measuring achievement and success.
  • Social Media management
    Whether you are an expert Tweeter or a total technophobe, we will help guide you through selecting the most appropriate social media platforms for you business sector and customers, and will help you learn how to use them to reach new and existing customers effectively and efficiently.
  • Content Generation Services
    Quality content is part of all forms of marketing and regardless of what tactics you use, content marketing should be at the centre of all your activities. We meet with you and carry out a full audit of all your existing communications, we use primary and secondary market research to ensure we know all about your customers and your competitors, and only then do we put pen to paper.