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Providing a Common Sense Approach to Marketing

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Welcome to Justelle Marketing and Media Ltd

A different approach to marketing

There are a lot of choices of how to promote your business out there, thanks in part to the internet and social media, and this can mean that businesses often react to trending platforms and new ‘exciting’ solutions without doing the correct research first. Reacting instead to the latest buzz or to what their competition is doing, which may not be the right solution for your company.

We offer a strategic approach to promoting your business that involves researching and analysing your existing activities, identifying gaps and opportunities that may have previously been overlooked or dismissed. We will work with you and look at your customers and make sure they are the customers you really want, and we will research your competitors activities so you win the potential customers not them!

Only when we have carried out this research and discussed your business objectives, do we start to formulate a marketing strategy that meets your customers needs with your business objectives. We will work with your whole company, if needed, to promote an integrated approach to a truly customer-centric culture that your customers will love and your competitors will envy.

We work closely with you at all stages and can help you develop your own skills or carry out all your marketing for you - it depends on what your business needs. 

Services we offer include: